Shaun Bayles

Shaun Bayles

Composer, Songwriter, Sound Designer

Shaun Bayles is a critically acclaimed guitarist to over 100’s Major Label and Independent artists, high demand session musician and nationally recognized composer.  He has spent the last two decades realizing a dream of musicianship and has built a reputation on not only his depth of musical knowledge and instrumental prowess, but because he is so passionate about the quality of the final product.  Be it a new artist he is producing, an epic score, or a slew of guitar parts added to a new pop track, Shaun always gives everything he has got and then some to the projects that he says yes to.

As a guitarist, Shaun is considered one of Nashville’s top guitarist and shared the stage all over the world with some of Country, Pop and Rock’s music’s biggest stars and living legends including Dustin Lynch, Little Texas, Carmine Appice, Chuck Wicks, Alana Grace, Gavin Mikhail, Katrina Elam and many, many, many more.   In addition to his film and television writing and recording, Shaun is  currently is working on the release of his first studio solo project and is collaborating on series of guitar instructional videos and books to reach the swaths of young guitarists eager for a chance to learn some hot guitar licks from him.

It was while studying music as a young musician that Shaun’s aptitude for composing music began to grow.  He studied composition amongst some of music’s greatest scholars and has composed 100’s of scores for film and television. His first placement was on hit TNT show “Witchblade” in 2003 and ever since, things have been progressing very rapidly for Shaun in the film world. Following that he has written 100’s of cues for television and was not only the music supervisor but was the principle composer of a hit series on Pursuit Network which ran for 3 Seasons.   Whether it is music supervision or composing, or producing, Shaun’s vision for a film’s musical needs are immeasurably instinctual. He is very excited about working with all of the talented, hard-working people at Anam Multimedia on many upcoming projects in 2016 and beyond.

“His balance of time, texture and symmetry are unsurpassed” says Russ Zavitson, CEO of ZMG Music Group

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