Anam Multimedia is a unique entity in the realm of providing multimedia content. We are the only true multimedia content providing firm in the world. We are an international cooperative effort of award winning composers, top selling photographers, videographers, software developers, multi-platinum selling songwriters, world class musicians and orchestras, internationally recognized conductors as well as the industry’s leading sound designers, recording engineers, voice over actors and music supervisors all bonded together with the single goal of taking creativity in the market place forward in a way that has never been done before. The team is led by internationally acclaimed composer, recording artist and music supervisor Sean O’Bryan Smith. Sean has assembled one of the finest teams available, combined with his own three decade long career in the music industry, to offer the highest quality solution on the market for the need of musical content. The company is designed to offer a much needed hands on approach for the client while continually offering the highest quality service possible. This more “familiar” business model is a departure from the majority of other musical content providers in that it functions outside of the normal structures of the music and visual content industries. This philosophy of growth and restructuring functions much more like a corporate commercial business approach than what is “tradition” in the creative industries. Imagine a much more “big business” efficiency and business structure while maintaining the personal service and integrity of a “Mom and Pop” small business. This is only a very small part of what makes Anam Multimedia unique.

Anam Multimedia is here to offer a turn key solution for filmmakers, television producers, game designers, corporate commercial marketing teams, etc. The company exists to fill a tremendous need in the creativity markets for a convenient, single entity to service all your multimedia needs. Anam Multimedia Team Members are all very well established music and film industry veterans with countless credentials, awards, experience and accolades. The combined team member backgrounds equal up to highly impressive experiences with literally thousands of signed recording artists, performances in front of millions of fans and productions seen or heard in every form of media all over the globe. Our creative team includes multi- award winning composers, Golden Globe and Critic’s Choice nominated songwriters, Platinum selling recording artists and conductor/arrangers with such varied backgrounds as major studio films to arrangements with The Beatles, Phil Collins and more. In addition, Anam Multimedia works with the top visual content creators, studio musicians, orchestras, recording studios and audio professionals from across the globe to make sure your final product is as good as it can be.

Anam Multimedia is able to service virtually any budget from the lowest budget independent film or promotional video to the largest studio films, television projects or ad campaigns all while providing world class talent and service. Our extensive expertise spans all arenas of media production and we can offer any style or genre that you desire to make your project great. Simply put, whatever your need, Anam Multimedia has a solution custom formatted just for you. In the moments where you are steeped in the process of creating your projects, the last thing you want to do is be distracted by extensive hours of research and frustrating efforts to acquire the much needed media content you desire only to be disappointed in the end. As in all businesses, time is money and nothing can stifle the creative process like project delays due to searching for just the right material to enhance your end product. We at Anam Multimedia are dedicated to help you streamline this process and do so while providing unsurpassed quality and service. We have a staff of highly qualified account executives that are here to serve you and assist with any questions or concerns while they help you create the perfect solution for your project. We do all of this with one convenient location so that you are not spending your highly valued hours searching countless media resources. Let Anam Multimedia help you so that we can help take your creativity forward.

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